03/08/2009 to 27/09/2009

10th OPEN International Performance Art Festival

Event Website:
Location: Beijing, China
Venue / Organiser:
Open Realization Contemporary Art Centre (

Aug. 2009, in the 798 art zone - the largest and the world-famous platform on art communication where the the 10th anniversary of the Open International Performance Art Festival will open, this festival is planned by the Open Realization contemporary center, many overseas artists and curators.besides, the scale of this festival is the largest in the performance art world so far now, there are 300 outstanding performance artists from the world. This festival will last 2 months with 8 artists curators respectively in charge of 8 parts'performances.Open International Performance Art Festival has witnessd and developed the chinese contemporaryperformance for 9 years, it has a great promotion for the development of the chinese contemporary art culture and communication of the world art. In the year of the 10th Open International Performance Art Festival, Open center will hold the great art festival as expextions of artists around the world.


12/09/2009 to 12/09/2009

8th International Performance Art Giswil

Event Website:
Location: Giswil, Switzerland
Venue / Organiser:
International Performance Art Turbine Giswil (

Nieves Correa (E)
Monica Klingler (CH)
Hansjörg Köfler (CH)
Laura Laeser (CH)
Kenny McBride (UK)
Fabien Montmartin (F)
Jacques van Poppel (NL)
Melati Suryodarmo (Indonesien / D)
Artistic Directors: Monika Günther / Ruedi Schill

25/09/2009 to 30/09/2009

Perforacije - week of live art

Event Website:
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Venue / Organiser:
Perforacije - week of live art (

Perforations - week of live art is a collaboration project between arts organisations in the Balkans with the goal to improve production and presenting conditions for artists from this region by initiating co- productions of new work. The first annual event will take place in Zagreb and Dubrovnik in September 25 - 30, 2009. Perforations will this year focus on artistic production from the region of Central and Eastern Europe presenting a mixture of young and emerging, as well as more established artists.
This project will contribute to empowerment of performance artists from the region and establish new models of partnerships between them and different organisations dedicated to presenting contemporary work. Perforations will in this way ensure creative space focused on the productions and interactions between the artists and arts organisations across the Balkans. After this first event, Perforations will work towards widening the partner base in the region but also focus on a wider international search for potential partners, ensuring more possibility to co-produce and present an even more diverse spectrum of artists.

30/09/2009 to 03/10/2009

ZOOM! Western Europe - Festival of Performance Art

Event Website:
Location: Hildesheim, Germany
Venue / Organiser:
International Performance Association Hildesheim (

City Church St. Jacobi, Hildesheim, Germany

Artists curated by Boris Nieslony: Wathiq Al-Ameri, Switzerland; Ali Al-Fatlawi, Switzerland; Brian Catling, UK; Charles Dreyfus, France; Esther Ferrer, Spain; Nicola Frangione, Italy; Mike Hentz, Germany; Joa Iselin, Switzerland; Kurt Johannessen, Norway; Monica Klingler, Belgium; Rafael Lamata, Spain; Boris Nieslony, Germany; Irma Optimist, Finland; Christoph Ranzenhofer, Switzerland; Jaime Vallaure, Spain; Aaron Williamson, UK; Herma Auguste Wittstock, Germany;
Artists curated by IPAH e.V.: Romina Abate, Germany; Charlotte Bean, UK; Malte Beisenherz, Germany; Adina Bier, USA; Rebecca Cunningham, Australia; Tina Kramer, Germany; Sian Robinson Davies, UK; Christina Schelhas, Germany; Sina Wachenfeld, Germany; Susanne Wagner, Germany
Make sure to be here!!
Don´t miss the Performances, Lectures, Artist Talks, ZOOM! Lounge, ZOOM! Bar.

You may now register for one of the workshops by:
Monica Klingler, Switzerland/Belgium; Herma Auguste Wittstock, Germany; Sian Robinson Davies, UK
to register just send an email to


15/10/2009 to 17/10/2009

POW! POW! 2nd annual mini performance art festival

Event Website:
Location: Oakland, USA
Venue / Organiser:

POW! POW! mini performance art festival in san francisco, CA...where artists can actually do whatever they want!
The 2nd annual POW! POW! mini performance art festival will be held in San Francisco, CA in October of 2009 and will be produced and curated by Alyssa Lee + gal*in_dog (AKA Guillermo Galindo).

Venue: The Climate Theater in San Francisco, California

16/10/2009 to 18/10/2009

European Performance Art Festival openEPAF 2009

Event Website: www.epaf-
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Venue / Organiser:
EPAF - European Performance Art Festival (

23/10/2009 to 31/10/2009

Perfect Performance - Stockholm’s International Live Art Festival

Event Website:
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue / Organiser:
Perfect Performance (

Perfect Performance is proud to present a festival program that features well-reputed names like Nature Theater of Oklahoma, a cellar group from New York that hit Europe’s theatres like a bomb, and Eva Meyer Keller, master of radical who turns shadowplay and party tricks into fine art. And theatre innovator Tim Etchells,Rodrigo García with his brutal stage poetry and Gob Squad who’ll bring us along into Andy Warhol’s world of pop art will also be performing.

Nature Theater of Oklahoma - No Dice (New York)

Eva Meyer-Keller - Schattenspiele & Good Hands (Berlin)

Rodrigo Garcìa - Aproximación a la idea de desconfianza (Madrid)

Rosas/Tim Etchells/Fumiyo Ikeda - In Pieces (Sheffield/Brussels)

Gob Squad - Gob Squad’s Kitchen & Who Are You Wearing? (Nottingham/Berlin)

Heine R. Avdal - Field Works (Bryssel/Oslo)

Fanny och Alexander - North & Emerald City (Ravenna)

Superamas - BIG third episode, happy/end (Vienna)

PME-ART - Hospitality 3 - Individualism was a mistake (Montreal)


06/11/2009 to 06/11/2009

ACT ART 7 - Children of the Damned

Event Website:
Location: London, UK
Venue / Organiser:
Act Art (

Over 100 artists performing.
Venue: Hidden, 100 Tinworth St., Vauxhall, London SE11 5EQ
(3 min's from Vauxhall tube/ train station on the South Bank side of the River Thames directly opposite Tate Britain)

The 7th annual ACT ART event CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED addresses 'DIFFERENCE'.

What is it that makes us different?
What does being ‘normal’ or ‘different’ really mean?
Does the way a person looks or acts define them as ‘different’?
Or is it more routed in what is considered to be the ‘norm’ by the majority?
Do we really embrace difference?
Or is it merely tolerated or accepted because of equal opportunities and human rights? Making up the masses are those whose instincts are to conform and go with the crowd.