About liveartwork editions

liveartwork editions is a series of DVD publications that aims to present high quality, full length video documentation of some of the most interesting examples of contemporary, international performance art and live art. Published alongside liveartwork DVD, the editions series focuses on an individual artist or a specific performance. Both publications aim to give the individual access to a growing collection of the cutting edge of performance work.

New editions will be published on an irregular basis, as and when appropriate work presents itself for publication. The aim will be to publish approximately four editions each year.

The editions are published alongside the quarterly liveartwork DVD publicaton which presents a compilation of contempoary peformance art video documentation. Click here to go to the liveartwork DVD homepage.

The editions are published as part of the liveartwork project which is an online resource for information about the international performance art comunity. Currently the project includes the liveartwork directory, liveartwork DVD and liveartwork events.


liveartwork editions are produced by Christopher Hewitt.
All camera work, editing and DVD production are also by Christopher Hewitt unless stated otherwise.

© liveartwork 2006-2007. All rights reserved.
All work included on liveartwork editions remains copyright of the artist.

© liveartwork 2006. All Rights Reserved.