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About liveartwork DVD

liveartwork DVD is collection of video documentation of performance art and live art. The intention is to publish a new DVD every two or three months featuring a new collection of edited video clips of recent performance art work.

liveartwork DVD is an independant project and currently receives no funding. However, I am attempting to distribute the DVD as cheaply as possible (issue prices cover the basic production and mailing costs).

The idea behind the DVD is to make performance art more accessible and to introduce the audience to new artists through video documentation of their work.

The DVD is published as part of the liveartwork project which is an online resource for information about the international performance art comunity. Currently the project includes the liveartwork directory, liveartwork DVD and liveartwork events.


For information about submitting work for possible publication on liveartwork DVD please write to:
law 'at'


liveartwork DVD is compiled by Christopher Hewitt.
All camera work and editing is also by Christopher Hewitt unless stated otherwise.

© liveartwork 2006-2010. All rights reserved.
All work included on liveartwork DVD remains copyright of the artist.

© liveartwork 2006. All Rights Reserved.