Esther FerrerJ. M. Calleja
Bartolomé Ferrando
Lucía Peiró
Nieves Correa
Joan Casellas
Isabel León
Edu Hurtado
Andrés Galeano

This DVD features edited video documentation of live performances from 9 Spanish performance artists who performed as part of the ¡POESÍACCIÓN! event at the Instituto Cervantes in Berlin in June / July 2011. It looks at three distinct generations of artists and the development of performance in Spain over the decades.

The series of nine performances ¡POESÍACCIÓN! was framed by the exhibition Escrituras en Libertad curated by J. M. Sarmiento about experimental poetry in Spain and Latin America during the 20th Century. Spanish experimental poetry from the 60s and 70s is closely connected with Spanish Action Art. ¡POESÍACCIÓN! aimed to point out the mutual influences and exchanges between Experimental Poetry and Performance Art through three generations of Spanish artists and their attempts to define a specific understanding of the practice of Performance and Action Art in Spain from its beginnings in the 60s until today.

The artists featured on the DVD are:

Esther Ferrer, J. M. Calleja, Bartolomé Ferrando, Lucía Peiró, Nieves Correa, Joan Casellas, Isabel León, Edu Hurtado and Andrés Galeano.

This is a 'double DVD' contains documentation of 9 performances totaling over 3 hours of video. Also included is an extensive PDF document containing 7 essays including interviews with the artists and texts about the performances and the development of experimental performance in Spain.
The DVD is in both English and Spanish although most of the performances do not involve spoken text.

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Publication Details:
Total duration of DVD approx. 180 minutes
Text and menus in English & Spanish
Camera & DVD production by Christopher Hewitt
DVD edited by Christopher Hewitt & Andrés Galeano
Published February 2012 by liveartwork

¡POESÍACCIÓN! Organised by Nieves Correa & Andrés Galeano in collaboration with Instituto Cervantes Berlin.
Supported by:
Acción!MAD - Dissemination Space 2011,
Grimmuseum & the Spanish Embassy, Berlin
Photos by Andrés Galeano
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